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Non-Fiction November: Some books I’d like to read

Over the past couple of days I have seen a trend floating around the internet called “Non-Fiction November”. This challenge was created by two booktubers Olive and Gemma. This challenge is all about trying to read more non-fiction than you usually would. I personally do read quite a bit of non-fiction, so in a way this challenge probably wasn’t set for me. However I have decided to (potentially) dedicate the entire month of November to reading non-fiction to help cut down my TBR a little bit. I have chosen not to use this years challenges as guidelines as to what to read, however if you are interested in hearing what the challenges are I suggest going and watching either Olive or Gemma’s announcement videos on their channels. So without further adieu, these are a few of the non-fiction books I would like to pick up during November. Just Kids by Patti Smith Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park Wild by Cheryl Strayed Advertisements