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My 2017 Goals

some goals for 2017

Goals #2

In January 2015 I made a post titled ‘Goals’. This was the first time I had ever physically made a list of things I wanted to accomplish during the year. This list was by no means personal. I didn’t write down that I wanted to lose weight or that I wanted to avoid chocolate for an entire year, because I never ever stick to those. I did however write down all things I wanted to do during the year that involved books/movies/television. While I definitely did not accomplish everything (I wasn’t even close), I thought I would reflect on what I wanted to do, what I ended up doing, and what I hope to do during 2016. In around June 2015, after dropping out of University after only one semester and beginning a new full time job, I realised that sticking to new years resolutions wasn’t exactly my thing. I’m constantly changing as a person. My mood changes, my interests change and my availability is as unpredictable as anything. Before I knew it, it was …