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5 Things I learnt from Just Kids by Patti Smith

what i learnt from patti smith’s memoir


Currently Reading [4]

Around September I noticed my Goodreads currently-reading shelf was always overflowing with 5 to 10 books which was absolutely insane. There was no way I was actively reading all those books! So since then I have been making a conscious effort to keep my shelf to a managable number, and to books I am actually reading. At the moment I have two books on the go, both of which I am thoroughly enjoying, so I thought I’d give you a peep into my current reads today. Just Kids by Patti Smith I stumbled across this book in a tiny airport bookstore and picked it up based on the recommendation of the salesperson. As soon as I got to my gate I started reading it and instantly fell in LOVE with Smith’s writing style, but ultimately forgot to pick it back up when I got home from my trip. About a month ago now I decided to pick it up again and immediately regretted not continuining on before. When I finally got further into this, I started hearing about it …

On reading less.

Not just reading less, but reading slower and more consciously. I have posted a lot about this and topics similar over the past couple of months, and I apologise for the repetitiveness but it is something that is very close to my heart at the moment. I want to re-read more, I spoke about that here. And I want to lower my TBR, I spoke about that here. But today I would like to discuss how I would like to read more consciously, and therefore less. Over the past year I have really tried to be selective with my reading. I (usually) research books I buy; I tend not to buy books compulsively and without consideration; I always, always make sure the subject matter is something that I am personally interested in, and not just something that the internet has told me I will like. No more aimless shopping and no more giving in to the hype. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is something that has always been something that’s affected me. I definitely want to write about …

Non-Fiction November: Some books I’d like to read

Over the past couple of days I have seen a trend floating around the internet called “Non-Fiction November”. This challenge was created by two booktubers Olive and Gemma. This challenge is all about trying to read more non-fiction than you usually would. I personally do read quite a bit of non-fiction, so in a way this challenge probably wasn’t set for me. However I have decided to (potentially) dedicate the entire month of November to reading non-fiction to help cut down my TBR a little bit. I have chosen not to use this years challenges as guidelines as to what to read, however if you are interested in hearing what the challenges are I suggest going and watching either Olive or Gemma’s announcement videos on their channels. So without further adieu, these are a few of the non-fiction books I would like to pick up during November. Just Kids by Patti Smith Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Book Review: The Girls by Emma Cline

Let’s start with the basics: The Girls by Emma Cline is definitely the hit book of the Summer (well, Winter here in the land down under) and following the hype I felt completely compelled to pick this one up – and I can’t say I was disappointed. The Girls follows Evie Boyd as she remembers her adolescent summer adventures — not hanging out by the pool with her girlfriends or finding love at the beach, but her journey getting caught in the midst of Russell’s cult that resembles the Manson family. Mesmerised by the older girls — specifically the charismatic Suzanne — Evie spends most of her summer at The Ranch, where the group calls home. What at first seems a paradise, ultimately turns into a entirely too-messy situation and Evie seems to be caught in the middle. Emma Cline’s writing is delicious. There’s no other way to describe it. Often when a book is considered the it book I tend to be hesitant before picking it up, but immediately after reading an excerpt from the …