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Every year always starts the same.

Each January my whole extended family packs up for a week and goes on a camping trip. It’s been an annual trip for as long as I can remember, and something I find myself yearning for throughout the year. A week without phone service, rinsing off in the ocean, sitting in the same chair for hours on end reading, cooking instant ramen and pools that are somehow always infested with caterpillars. It’s my families tradition, and we love it.

Summer has always been a reflective time for me. Being away from the pressures school always made me realise how introverted I was. Without a 8-3 school day, I was able to recharge myself and take a proper look over the past year. How had I been? Was I improving myself? Was I “better” this year than the year before? Mostly the questions were superficial, but by the time school went back in February I was always sure of one thing: this would be the best year ever.

Our camps always make me consider wonder who I will be by the time the next trip rolls around. And so much always changes. My hair, my glasses, who my friends are, what I’m reading. But for some reason, it’s never good enough to feel like I’ve finally reached the year where I am the best version of myself I could be. I’ve never come back to camp and been happy with how I spent my past year. It’s never been my ‘best year yet’.

Now I’m not here to say 2018 will be my best year yet either, however 2018 is the year I want to actually attempt to make some change. I want to change my mindset around certain things that will continue on forever, and not just for the next twelve months.




I want to change how I view my health and wellbeing. I want to eat more whole foods and drink more water. I want to move more, and avoid public transport if walking could be an option. I want to focus on myself and give myself a break when I’m feeling overwhelmed. This is something I’ve been wanting to do properly for years, but 2018 is the year I listen to my body and do what works for me.

I want to focus on self-care. I plan on writing multiple posts about self-care this year, but in order to do that I need to sit down with myself and figure out what works best for me. I want to focus on my skincare, my beauty routine. I want to take more baths and be more positive in everyday situations. Eventually I’d like to be able to say I incorporate self-care into my everyday routine, instead of it only becoming important when I am in a bad place.

I want to do more. This is the year of donating more to charity and lending a hand where needed. I want to go on more brunch dates and coffee catch-ups with my friends. I want to use social media less and live more in the real world. This is the year I want to do more.

I want to focus on my future. This starts with me doing everything else I’ve talked about, but mostly this one means I want to focus on my finances. I want to figure out a budget that works for me, I want to restrict my shopping, and I want to start getting some money into my savings. I want to be able to afford to travel the world, so personally this is one of my biggest changes for this year.


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Next year when we go camping I want to be able to look back at 2018 with pride. I want to be proud of how I spent my year, and not look back at it with vague recollection of what I did and how I felt. 2018 is the year I begin getting my life back on track, so let’s see how it goes xo

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