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Media Goals for 2018

It may sound silly, but I am very passionate about the media I consume. Especially the books, shows and movies I watch. I use these as ways not only to relax, but learn and inspire myself. So when it comes to setting goals, I like knowing a general outline of what I would like to get out of my media intake for the year. I am a list maker. Sue me.

Over the past three years I have dedicated my goals post to the books I’d like to read, and movies and shows I feel I’d like to watch. They are posts I come back to regularly, so regardless of my usual content, they are some of my favourite posts.


I did quite well achieving what I set out to do in 2017, so to recap:

Okay, books. I kind of did okay? I only read 4 books in total during the year, one of which was a re-read. This is good (I guess) because I wanted to cut down my reading AND I wanted to re-read some books. However I did not broaden my reading, or get a zero TBR, or read more comics. That’s okay, I will work on it in 2018.

Onto movies. I would have been happy, however the one goal I really wanted to achieve was watching more film classics from the 80’s and 90’s which I didn’t do. Although I did watch more films in general, and re-watched some favourites, so as long as I can finally settle in and watch some classics in 2018 I will be a happy camper.

Television is always a hit or miss category with me. This year, in classic libra fashion, I was balanced somewhere in between. I cut back my weekly shows and didn’t let myself get stressed over something as mundane as TV, but I also didn’t manage to finish as many series as I’d like. My “currently watching” list is still completely out of hand. Oops.

Looking back at 2017 I definitely didn’t accomplish as much as I would have hoped, but at the same time I am proud of myself for realising mid-year that these goals are ever-changing and that what I want to get done in January, isn’t necessarily what I want to be reading or watching in November.


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Alas, my goals for 2018!

Book Goals

Read more often. Pick up your reading game in 2018. It was good to have time off during 2017, but 2018 is all about personal growth. You love reading; start reading again.

Listen to audiobooks. It’s so easy! Start using the hours you spend on public transport listening to audiobooks. Harry potter and memoirs are automatic audible go-to’s, but maybe try listening to a novel once or twice to see what you think.

Read more non-fiction. Autobiographies, current affairs, self-help books. Take your pick, but please try to read something that will enable you to grow.

Use your kindle more. You. Do. Not. Have. Room. For. More. Physical. Books. You have too many as it is! Unless it’s something you know will be a part of your shelf for years to come, please consider ebooks.


Movie Goals

Don’t spend too much at the cinema. You’ve been fine with this for years, you’ll do fine again this year.

Watch movies more regularly. You constantly go through phases with this one, but try maintain some sort of consistency in 2018.

Watch more classics. Not all of them, but some of the ‘big’ movies from each decade. Please do this. Every year you keep ignoring this goal – why?

Re-watch favourites. Just the usual. Back to the Future. Star Wars. Indiana Jones. Harry Potter. High School Musical. You’ve got this.


Television Goals

Don’t get overwhelmed. You don’t have to watch every episode the minute it comes out. Decide what shows you want to watch weekly, and what shows you want to save to binge watch.

Don’t try to watch too many things at once. There are too many shows out there to be able to commit yourself to everything. Chose wisely, and try not to have multiple ‘binge-watch’ shows on the go at once.

Finish some series. This hasn’t changed much, but the top ones are Buffy, House M.D., Will & Grace.

Start some others. The Office. Jane the Virgin. The Handmaid’s Tale. This is Us.

All the love, have an amazing 2018 xo



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