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How I spent my money over a 7 day period.

I first discovered money diaries on Refinery29. Yes, the concept has been thought of before, but Refinery29 has worked it into something that I have become completely fascinated by.

I can spend hours upon hours reading about how people spend their money. So this week I decided to track my spending R29 style. Unlike R29 I am not going to start this post with my salary, monthly bills etc., because that is not what’s important to me right now. Instead I will just be tracking what I spend on a McDonald’s Crew Member salary. Right now it’s just important for me to be aware of how much I am spending, and what I can potentially cut out.

It’s another long one – but I hope you find it interesting!




Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 1.20.09 AM

11:30 a.m. – I slept in a little this morning, but since I’m working close tonight at work I don’t really mind. I end up scrolling through my phone for about 15 minutes before getting up and grabbing a cup of tea. I take it outside and have a smoke while looking over my to-do list for the day.

1 p.m. –  My laundry has been building up ever since I moved back in with my parents, so I take the nice weather as a sign to finally get it done. Luckily I can fit it all into one load because I really cannot be bothered to spend too long in the laundry.

2 p.m. – I haven’t had a chance to eat yet so I make myself some hot and spicy ramen with a big glass of water. I sit down and catch up on some of my youtube subscriptions whilst I eat lunch.

3:30 p.m. – I’ve been stressing all day about my shift at work tonight since there’s halloween University parties happening right up the road. Unfortunately since I work at maccas all the drunk Uni students come in afterwards. We are expecting a lot of people and I’m working in kitchen alone so I’m pretty annoyed and stressed about it. I run myself a bath with a cup of tea to try relax before hand.

6.30 p.m. – I’m house-sitting for my friends this coming fortnight so I get dad to stop by there on the way to work. I check the food and milk situation and quickly run into Coles to grab some things that I need for the week. I also buy cigarettes. $43.30

8 p.m. – I managed to cook some sesame noodles up before work and I quickly down that before my shift. Luckily I had all the ingredients in the cupboard already so I didn’t have to buy anything else.

12 a.m. – I’m finished work! I grab myself an english muffin with some veggies, mayo, perri-perri sauce and a hashbrown after work because I’m starving. It’s definitely not healthy but it’s my favourite thing to eat at work at the moment. I also make myself a cup of decaf tea (I brought my own teabag to work) and head home for the night. $4.35

12.30 a.m. – My cousin ends up coming over to spend the night once I finish work. We have a few gin and tonics each, quickly run through our nighttime skincare routines and settle into bed (I pre-heated my electric blanket before work – thank god!) We turn on some How I Met Your Mother and fall asleep around 3.

Daily total: $47.65


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 1.20.22 AM

1 p.m. – We had a very late start today. The older I get I realise that alcohol definitely isn’t my friend; my hangovers are getting so bad! We spend the first few hours of the morning (well, afternoon) lazing around drinking tea, coffee and smoking.

5 p.m. – It’s definitely one of those days. After multiple hours of doing nothing more than watching Adventure Time I finally start getting ready for work tonight. I quickly run through my skincare routine and do my makeup and grab an apple from the kitchen as my first meal of the day.

5.30 p.m. – My cousin and I set off to her house to get her bank card and a change of clothes (she’s picking up her family McDonald’s for dinner when I get dropped at work). Dad picks us up half an hour later and gives us a lift to work. I grab myself some fries and mayo, and a large diet coke to try get me through my shift. $3.70

12 a.m. – Works done! I grab my dad a large fries as a favour for picking me up and we head home. $3.10

12.30 a.m. – I luckily remembered to set my electric blanket before work again, so after quickly taking my makeup off I jump into bed and put on some Will & Grace while I fall asleep.

Daily total: $6.80


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 1.20.40 AM

9 a.m. – I’m off to house sit for my friends today so I’m up relatively early. I pack a bag, boil the kettle and make myself a cuppa and roll a smoke. I have about half an hour of down time before dads ready to go and we set off. We pick my cousin up on the way and I run into Coles to grab a few more bits of food. $10

12.30 a.m. – This is one of the few days this week that I have scheduled as a write-off. I have no plans, no upcoming shifts at work and I’ve scheduled time to do some online work during the week. Because of all this I don’t feel bad that my cousin and I are pretty wrecked by midday. Our friends left us drinks and some weed as a thank you, so we take the most of the day and do absolute nothing. It’s perfect.

9 p.m. – At some point we fell asleep and I wake up confused at about nine. We go outside for a smoke and then pre-heat the oven for some spring rolls I bought at Coles earlier.

12.30 a.m. – We lock up and go upstairs before 1. We have a quick smoke and hop into bed and watch Friends until we pass out.

Daily total: $10


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 1.20.54 AM

11 a.m. – I’m surprisingly alert when my alarm goes off, considering the day I had yesterday. It takes less than 10 minutes for me to be up and outside with a cup of tea and coffee. My cousin joins me around quarter past and we eat breakfast and watch some morning cartoons before starting our work for the day.

12.30 a.m. – Today is my so-called ‘productive’ day. My cousin has a lot of school work to get done over her term break and I have a bunch of stuff I want to organise. We settle in with some spotify, a fresh cup of tea and our laptops and get to work.

3 p.m. – We take a break and make ourself some more spring rolls for lunch. While we eat we have a smoke and watch an episode of Stranger Things (I’m rewatching, she’s watching for the first time. New season is soon!)

5.30 p.m. – Finally we decide to call it a day on the work. Although it’s only been 4 hours I have gotten way more than expected done today so I’m proud. We turn the ‘productive’ music off and put an episode of Adventure Time on. Definitely the right way to end the day!

7 p.m. – By now I am starving. I snacked on a few pieces of chocolate earlier, but nothing to tie me over until dinner. We bought a pre-made pasta sauce the other day, so we boil some water to cook pasta as well. It takes about 30 minutes and by the time everything’s down on the table I’m starving! I get a big glass of water to have with it.

9 p.m. – I quickly jump in the shower to wash my hair. The friend who I am house-sitting for is nearly out of shampoo and I feel bad using the last bits but I’m desperate. I make a mental note to pick up more soon.

11 p.m. – By now I’ve had a little bit to smoke and I’m a little hazy. We turn on some F is for Family and curl up under some blankets on the couch. Definitely a nice way to end the night.

Daily total: $0


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 1.21.04 AM

2 p.m. – We definitely stayed up way too late watching Netflix the night before and don’t get out of bed until 2 p.m. We lounge around for a few hours watching netflix and drinking tea, then I finally decide to get up and shower.  Shit, the shampoo is running dangerously low. I need to buy some soon!

4.15 p.m. – Today we need to leave the house, even if it’s getting late. We have a quick smoke and head out to go to Coles and the post office. We grab some dessert for later and then go to the post office, who don’t have our package. Damn.

5.30 p.m. – We decide to get KFC for dinner and head straight from Coles to the bus stop. It’s a twenty minute wait but we finally get on the bus and head towards dinner. I’m super hungry by this point, so I get myself a double crunch burger meal with a pepsi max. It’s SO UNHEALTHY but I’m craving it and I’ve learnt to let my body roll with it (for now). Luckily some friends see us waiting for our bus home so we get a lift home! $8.95

7 p.m. – We end up sitting back on the couch with our dinner and watching more Stranger Things for a few hours. I go to bed around 1 a.m. which is definitely too late considering I have to be up at 6.30, but it’s my own fault so I deal with it.

Daily total: $8.95


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 1.21.16 AM

6.30 a.m. – My alarm goes off and I want to hurl it across the room. My brain is foggy and I definitely cannot be bothered working a 6.5 hour shift. I take my time getting out of bed and go downstairs to get some tea and a cigarette. By 8 a.m. I’ve done my makeup and gotten ready and I head off to the bus stop.

9.45 a.m. – I get off the bus a stop early and run into a local sandwich bar. I grab myself a big salad roll and a smoothie for breakfast. It’s definitely overpriced but it’s worth it to get something healthy in my stomach when I’ve been eating like shit. $14.50

11.30 a.m. – I get sent on break super early considering I have a late finish today. I eat my sandwich during my break so I don’t have to buy more food.

4.30 p.m. – I’m starving when I finish and buy myself a small fries. Unhealthy, but I need food in my stomach asap. $1

5 p.m. – I’m not sure why but after my shift I get an overwhelming urge to upgrade my phone plan and get a new phone. I head to Optus and switch from my iPhone 6S plan to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I don’t get charged anything upfront, but I do buy myself a glass screen protector for $50.

6 p.m. – I’m heading to my cousins house tonight for one of my cousins 16th. On the way to meet my dad for a lift home I grab a bottle of cheap wine and a new lighter for $11. Definitely worth it.

11 p.m. – I feel like a tween again! I’ve spent the past few hours drinking Vodka Cruisers and UDL’s that my aunty bought for us. We’ve made ourselves comfy and are playing throwback music from the mid to late 00’s. Maroon 5, Lady Gaga and One Direction. This is one of my favourite drunk moods to get into.

2 a.m. – Around 2 my cousin and I (the one who has been housesitting with me) head downstairs to go to sleep. We have a smoke before bed and pass out for the night.

Daily total: $76.50


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 1.21.33 AM

11 a.m. – I wake up early considering how hungover I am. Who knew that Cruisers could still give you a hangover! My cousin and I make our way upstairs for some caffeine and a morning smoke. I also fill up a litre bottle of water and down it as soon as possible.

2 p.m. – We are heading back to my friends today so eventually we get on the bus. My metro card is into negative numbers so I top it up with $10.

3 p.m. – We decide to go into town for a minute before getting on our second bus. I buy some flowy pants from Target for $19 and my cousin gets herself some new foundation from Priceline.

5.30 p.m. – Eventually we make it back to my friends house. I decide to eat something for dinner with my cousin before I start work at 8.30, so we preheat the oven and finish up our spring rolls while watching Daria.

8 p.m. – I was supposed to get a bus to work around 7.10 but I’d been putting it off and now I’m stuck catching an uber which I really don’t feel like paying for. It’s my last resort though so I pay the $17.30 and get to work.

12 a.m. – When I check my phone at the end of my shift my cousin has sent me a bunch of messages about wanting a double cheese burger. So I grab a medium meal and steal her fries for myself. $3.70. Luckily someone else who finishes at the same time lives in the same direction that I’m going, so I get a free lift home!

1 a.m. We have a lazy night watching Daria and snacking on chocolate chip cookies. I wash my face and have a smoke before hitting the hay around 1.30.

Daily total: $50


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 9.27.57 PM

Total money spent this week: $199.90

This week was an odd one. I’m sure you can tell that my regular routine was completely thrown out the window and replaced by a complete mess. Although this wasn’t what my life usually looks like, it was interesting seeing how my spending goes when I am thrown off balance. I definitely need to get back on track soon!


  1. grace says

    These are amazing! I was so inspired to track my own spendings (I hope you don’t mind if I do a post similar to this in the future?) I’m a high school student working six hours a week, and I don’t need to pay for housing or food but I think it would be interesting.

    -Grace // https://thewildflowergirls.wordpress.com

    • I am sorry it took so long to reply! I love money diaries and would love to read more from different people! They weren’t my concept originally so definitely don’t hesitate before posting 😛 xo

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