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September Recap

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September has been an odd one. My family not only celebrated my 21st, we also celebrated my dad’s 50th and my brothers 18th! All within an eight day period! On top of that I travelled interstate to visit family and moved out of my sharehouse. It was a crazy month, so let’s talk about it.


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Will & Grace – This is one of those shows I always see as tv reruns, but I’ve never sat down and watched the series beginning to end. So I downloaded a free trial for the streaming service Stan and finally started watching it. I’m only on season 2 but it’s the perfect show to curl up and watch after work with a cup of tea.

Broad City – It’s back! This month welcomed the return of Broad City as it started airing season 4. This is a long time favourite of mine, and so far season 4 seems to be living up to the rest of the series!

Gossip Girl – I’ve been re-watching a lot of Gossip Girl this month. I’m not exactly sure how this happened but I’ve been looking for a guilty pleasure show and Gossip Girl always hits the spot.

What is derealisation / depersonalisation? – Dodie did an amazing collab with a licensed therapist at the beginning of the month and discussed derealisation and depersonalisation. As someone who has been seeking treatment for dissociation for over two years now I’m always interested in learning more about the illness and other peoples experience. Definitely worth a watch if you’re interested in knowing more.

Retrograde Series – Every time Emma uploads a new Retrograde video I fall in love a little more. It reminds me of why I love social media, during a time that I have found myself hating it. She shares such beautiful, mesmerising videos that are equally raw, personal and composed. This is the reason I love youtube. Definitely check it out, I’ve linked the most recent here.


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Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari – I have been listening to this one as an audiobook on the bus to and from work, and while I haven’t made a massive dent in it yet, I’m definitely enjoying listening to Aziz Ansari’s study on romance.

The newspaper – This month I’ve found myself reaching for a newspaper more and more. We always have them kicking around work, so I grab one on my break with a coffee and have a read for a while.

Old issues of magazines – Recently I took a look back through all my old issues of Frankie magazine and ended up reading them for hours. Just because an issue is a few months, or years old, doesn’t mean that the information inside is irrelevant. Definitely take a look back at your old mags’ and see what you have.


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The only way I can sum up my music this month is by linking you to my playlist on spotify “avocado on toast“. It’s a bunch of indie, rock type music but I’ve been listening to it on repeat this month. Check it out!


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Sesame noodles – My all-time favourite dinner to make myself is sesame noodles. I just fry up some garlic, chilli, carrots, white cabbage and capsicum in some sesame oil and add some buckwheat noodles. After it’s all done I dress it with chopped avocado, spring onions and toasted sesame seeds. A definite favourite of mine and it hardly takes any time at all.

Choc digestive biscuits – These are the absolute bees-knees. I’ve had at least one packet in my cupboard this entire month, and I’ve found that they are the best before bed snack.

Tea – I can’t imagine how my days would go without a cup of tea. I drink it white and one and the day definitely doesn’t start until I’ve had at least one cup.


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Little Creatures – When my family and I went to visit my gran in Geelong, Victoria mid-September, we stopped off at the Little Creatures Brewery. Not only did they have a great selection of beer, they had an outstanding menu as well! My brother and I picked up the tab and shouted my parents, and I think I saw my dad tear-up about it. Definitely worth the trip.

A water bottle – My mum gifted me a Frank Green water bottle this month and I’ve been using it every single day since. I’ve always struggled drinking enough water, but when I find a perfect drink bottle everything becomes so much easier. This is the best drink bottle for me, but it is a tad expensive and I’m glad I got it as a gift.

Skincare – I don’t have anything to particularly recommend this month, but treating my skin is a definite favourite of mine during September. I’ve been using various oils and serums, new face washes and masks. I highly recommend finding something that suits your skin and sticking to it.

Decluttering – I moved out of my sharehouse at the very end of September, but in the lead up I found myself going through all my possessions and seeing what I could cull. I absolutely love decluttering my belongings and have definitely been making various piles around my parents house of things I want to donate and sell.

All the love xo


    • thank you!! eventually I want to have a few different sub-headings and focus more on mindful things rather than tv etc., but it’s nice having a post as a reminder for what I was doing each month 🙂 xx

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