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August Recap

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It has been a long month filled with doctors appointments and sleepless nights, podcasts and jambalaya. Here’s a few of my favourites from the past 31 days that have helped keep my spirits high. Welcome to August.


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Big Little Lies – If you haven’t heard the buzz around this show this year you obviously live a more interesting life than I do. Everyone I know (IRL and online) has been telling me to watch this HBO miniseries since it debuted in February and I finally caved into the hype and watched it. Mum and I set up camp in the lounge room and watched it over the course of an afternoon. Get snacks, some drinks and settle down into the ever-complex world of the mum’s of Monterey, California, and discover how their children’s first year of school lead to a murder investigation.

Dunkirk – I have always been a complete sucker for anything World War II, but Dunkirk really stuck out for me. It is a visually stunning masterpiece with an outstanding director and cast. I teared up multiple times because I was so overwhelmed, and already want to see this again just so I can take everything in all over. Definitely worth the hype for me, and a film I’ll be thinking about for a while.

CatCreature has quickly become one of my favourite youtubers this month. I found her when I was looking at Korean skincare recommendations, but my goodness I didn’t stop watching. She is an art student studying in Rhode Island and has one of the most laid back people I have come across in a while. Definitely worth a watch!

Lexie brought back one of my favourite series on her channel this month with her latest episode of ‘What your mother doesn’t tell you’. Lexie has grown so much as a person since I started watching her channel years ago, but even back then I remember finding this series and thinking she was doing something different on youtube. That’s what I’ve always admired her for.

Backburner is up there on the list of my all-time favourite youtube series. Rosianna began the month with the intention of creating a food diary of her only eating from the same cookbook, but instead the resulting video took a deeper look at her mental health and energy levels over the month. Check it out!


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 3.35.25 PM

Money Diaries on Refinery29 – If you feel a bit stuck with your finances this month, I highly recommend checking out Refinery29’s Money Diaries! Readers from around the world submit a money diary tracking every last dollar spent over a 7 day period. Rich or poor, they have you covered, but considering I have recently moved house and am dealing with having to create a proper budget for the first time in a long while, I have been especially drawn to the lower-income diaries. Definitely a massive source of inspiration for me this August.

A few of my favourite include x x x

The Messy Heads – I’ve been reading both the online articles and print issues regularly this month. Unfortunately my copy of issue 3 hasn’t arrived yet, which I’m sure will be just as fantastic as the first two, but I’ve been reading and re-reading the first two like they are my babies. I’m in love.

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler – I’m usually an avid reader, but for some reason I’ve been seriously lacking this year. So this month I finally dove back into books and started off with Sweetbitter. The story follows a young woman throughout her year working at a wild and alluring New York City restaurant. I haven’t read too much yet, but I’m loving cosying up with a cup of tea and my iPad to read.


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 3.35.13 PM

Oversized jumpers – I spent most of August either waiting for my surgery, or recovering from my surgery (a whole other issue, I am fine though!) so big, oversized and comfortable clothing was an automatic go-to for me this month. Two of my favourites are my maroon NASA sweatshirt, which has a cute embroidered NASA patch over the heart, and my massive black game of thrones jumper that says ‘mother of dragons’ across the entire front. I love them both and they are super comfortable, but I definitely think I need to invest in some more jumpers to save me doing laundry so often!

Tiny hoop earrings – I bought 4 cute 9mm hoops from Asos in late July, and they fit perfectly around my ears for my first and seconds piercings. They are definitely a staple piece of jewellery I will be keeping on for a while.

Headbands – I have been trying to break the habit of washing my hair everyday, so headbands have been an absolute must this month. Both of I have are typical ‘hippie’ style, one is completely purple and the other is multicoloured with black, red, purple and yellow.

Tote bags – Totes have been a staple in my wardrobe for years, but I’m finding myself gravitating towards them more and more as I use them for a handbag, reusable grocery bags, luggage and everything in between.


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 3.34.49 PM

Jambalaya – I grew up eating chicken jambalaya every other week, but when I stopped eating chicken years ago I never considered finding a veg alternative to the recipe I loved. This month I finally did it. The recipe I use definitely isn’t authentic, but it’s what I’ve grown up with and I love it. Orzo pasta, canned tomatoes, red onion, capsicum, chilli, garlic and herbs. What could go wrong?

Porridge – Since moving out a staple in my cupboard is oats, and during winter I love eating porridge for breakfast. Different toppings I love include mashed banana, brown sugar, fresh (or frozen berries) and honey. Definitely not a dish that you can get wrong.

Fries and mayo – I know it’s not healthy, but sometimes I forget to pack myself lunch and as I work in fast food fries and mayo has unfortunately become one of my favourite snacks. I can’t really explain it anymore than that, but the combination is really great.

Pesto – Pesto with fettuccine, pesto in a toasted sandwich, pesto as a salad dressing. I use this sauce for everything.


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 3.34.29 PM

Cranes in the Sky – Solange

Cherry – Lana Del Rey

6/10 – Dodie

The Lourve – Lorde

No Goodbyes – Dua Lipa

See No Evil – Television

Oh Woman Oh Man – London Grammar

Alaska (acoustic) – Amber Run

Atlast: Hearing – Sleeping at Last


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 3.33.52 PM

Pinterest – Man, sometimes I just get caught up with this whole pinterest thing. Apart from looking for recipes, I love using pinterest as a source of style inspiration and self-care tips.

Moon – Current Moon Phase (app) – It’s probably the most basic app I have ever owned, but I truly love it. The moon app keeps me updated on the current moon cycle and sends me funny little notifications every time there is a new or full moon. Definitely worth the download.

Salamanca Markets – I have lived in the same town my entire life, and the Salamanca Markets are definitely something I don’t take advantage of enough. There’s everything from food to crystals, clothing to local art. I love going down with $20 in my pocket and buying myself a coffee and a few bits and bobs.

Simplenote – This is a note taking app that I have been using for years now, but I definitely need to show my appreciation for it. You can categorise things into folders, sub-lists and overall the layout is clean and simple. It keeps me functioning.

Nintendo switch – Within days of getting my tax return back this year I had spent it all on my new baby. I know some people would consider a gaming console a waste of time, but seriously, I picked up the new Zelda and Splatoon 2 alongside my switch and I’m honestly in love. I’m a nerd at heart, shoot me.

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