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New glasses and hair dye – an update

On Thursday I got new glasses and dyed my hair. That’s about the extent of what has happened in the past few months of my life.

It had been a year since I got my eye prescription changed, so I was definitely due for a check up. Apparently my blood pressure is high and I have astigmatism that wasn’t there last year. What’s new? My eyes have always been a piece of crap. But I deal with it, and chose myself a cute new pair of frames that I will get to pick up next Friday.

Afterwards I was in Priceline checking to see if the concealer I use was on sale (it wasn’t) but decided to pick up a box of hair dye and go a bit darker for Winter. So I did. It’s just a basic dark brown, and compared to my old mousey brown I love it a lot.

I have been working a lot recently. Downside, I’m tired as hell. But on the plus-side I have actually managed to save myself a bit of money. I’ve realised the only way I can save money is by pretending I have nothing. So I transfer all my money into a different account and don’t look or touch it. It’s a great system, and it actually works. Thank god!

This blog has definitely been pushed to the side. Not on purpose, just because I am lazy and have had the motivation of a slug recently. But I want to come back and use it again.

So give me a chance, and I’ll keep going. More for myself than anyone, but you know, I have to type as though I’m talking to someone.

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