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2016 Favourites

My year has been a complete rollercoaster, however during the ups and the downs I’ve managed to take hold of a few things that definitely put a smile on my face this year. Have a look.



Without doubt one of the best things I did in 2016 was start journaling again. It’s been years since I’ve consistently kept a journal, but in July I picked it back up when my doctor recommended I do and I’m so happy they did. I’m not necessarily writing once a day, but I have fallen in love with my journal again and haven’t left the house without it since (literally).


My absolute FAVOURITE place I can possibly eat at is a small take-out Thai restaurant down the road from me. I make an excuse to go there at least once a month, but I probably go more often than that. I absolutely love the sweet and sour veggies and the spring rolls, but trust me I would probably eat anything veg on the menu. This place is my favourite.


I’d never listened to podcasts before this year but in the past few months I have absolutely fallen in love. I’m a newbie, so my recommendations are probably cliche, but a few I have listened to include: Serial, Gilmore Guys, This American Life, Welcome to Nightvale and Modern Love. Give podcasts a try!


What’s there to say? Micellar water is a gift from the heavens. I usually keep some cotton rounds and micellar water besides my bed for all those (far too frequent) nights that I cannot be bothered getting up to wash my face.


I started a proper shower routine this year. God, how late to the party am I? But after I jump out of the shower I always make sure I moisturise now. I was terrible at it before and I was definitely ruining my skin. So now I’m as smooth as a baby, and I put that all down to this glorious product.


Trying to put into words how much I love this blog/magazine/people gives me anxiety. I stumbled across this blog at a really tough point during my year and I’m still convinced that it played a crucial part in my recovery. I might be twenty, but I promise you I know shit all about myself and the world. But Emma and the rest of the girls that have posted on The Messy Heads website have been such inspirations in finding yourself etc and I really, really wish this was something that I could have had as a teenager.


As I mentioned in the last bit, I had a pretty rubbish 2016. I know the rest of the world did as well and it’s somehow become a meme, but there were a few months there when I honestly didn’t think I was going to come out of it alright. I was dealing with addiction and in hospital and rehab groups for months and months and that made me appreciate my family and friends so much more than I thought possible. The people I have surrounding me at the moment are complete gems, and I truly don’t know what would have gone on this year without them.



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