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My 2017 Goals

Two of my favourite blogposts I have written to-date are my ‘Goals’ posts that I have written the past two new years. They weren’t personal goals I set myself such as exercise 4 times a week or save some more money, but instead goals that revolved around the books I read and the movies and television shows I watched.

Surprisingly, I did accomplish most of what I wanted throughout 2016! While I know there was a lot that I didn’t do, I’m still relatively pleased. So let’s take a look!


My number one book goal for 2016 was to buy less books and lower my physical TBR – and do that I did! The reason I know I did stick on track with this goal is because around August I stopped keeping track. Not in an “I’m going to go crazy and buy every book” kind of way, but more-so a “No, I have a book at home I want to read just as much” kind of way. And boy was it refreshing.

I have spent the last year or so being so conscious about every single book I was purchasing and reading. If not in the moment, then I was definitely thinking about the money I’d spent on the book afterwards or wondering if I was even going to enjoy it. So finally finding some sort of balance to stop my crazy-ass-brain was a major relief this year.

As I’d said, I found balance with book buying this year. I also found out who I am as a reader this year. One of my book goals was about reading less, so I became a lot more conscious about every book I let myself pick up. Believe it or not, but I actually only read 34 books this year! Considering I read 135 books in 2015 and spent the beginning of this year feeling very unsure about that, I’m extremely proud of myself for reading less this year. If you’re interested in reading more about this, I recently wrote a blogpost about this here.

And I re-read a few books this year! Definitely not as many as I would have liked, but the fact that I made the effort to re-read any more at all made me proud of myself.

What I didn’t do book-wise was keep up to date with on-going comic series. Not happy about that, but honestly, my year was crazy what am I going to do.

..Onto movies! I stuck to like…. 1/4 of my movie goals this year.

This year I definitely spent less money at the cinemas – like, a lot less. This probably came down to the fact that I had barely any money most of the year, but it also came down to me knowing I could rent a lot of the movies I wanted to see a hell of a lot cheaper via iTunes. So that’s what I did! Why didn’t I think of that one sooner…

However, I did not watch 50 new-to-me movies. I gave up on that goal back around August, however to be honest I have been in a movie watching mood recently and have definitely been inspired to roll this goal on over into 2017.

I also didn’t re-watch any of my favourite classic films, apart from High School Musical (I told myself I’d re-watch it!). I definitely need to have a Star Wars or Back to the Future binge in the coming months still.

And I definitely didn’t watch enough ‘classic films’ that people rave about that I have never seen. 2017 will change that. I’ll force it to.


I had a bad TV year in 2016. Can we leave it at that?

I caught up on a few series, but I barely watched any new shows that were ticklin’ my fancy. I didn’t stay up to date. And I’m not particularly proud of anything I ended up watching.

I did re-watch Gilmore Girls, and get to watch the new Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life series on Netflix though – so win?


So, my goals for 2017.

Book Goals

Broaden your reading. Read more diversely. Read more female authors. Read more classics. Read more poetry. Broaden your damn reading Amy. It’s getting ridiculous.

But also read what you want/read less. Just because you have goals, don’t push yourself to read things you are not interested in. Pick up things that spark your fancy – luckily for you your interests ARE to broaden your reading. So do it. But don’t feel pressured to read at the pace of others, and don’t feel the pressure to read what others are reading. Read what you want.

Get a zero TBR. This is mainly here so you can have a fresh start. You have so many unfinished YA series sitting on your shelf that I know you want to finish and put aside for now. Besides that, there are so many important books you want to get to soon. Get to them.

Re-read some books. You began doing this slightly in 2016, but take it to a new level in 2017. Re-read books you know impacted you. Figure out why.

Continue reading comics. You dropped off the wagon majorly with this in 2016, so try remedy that in 2017. Only follow your favourites – it’s pretty obvious you can’t stay on track with everything.

Movie Goals

Don’t spend too much money at the cinema. You did really well with this in 2016, so keep it up.

Watch more movies. Don’t try and reach a certain amount of movies for the entire year, just try to watch more. You never make time for movies, and I know you want to, so do it.

Classics. Every year you want to watch more 80s and 90s classic movies and you never do it. So this year, please watch a few more of them.

Re-watch favourites. Star Wars. Star Trek. Back to the Future. Indiana Jones. You don’t have to watch them all, but I know you’d like to watch a few of them again. Oh, and High School Musical. Obviously.

Television Goals

Don’t stress. Don’t panic about staying up to date with all the shows you watch. It isn’t the end of the world if you fall behind.

In saying that… Cut back weekly shows. You don’t need to watch half the shows you watch. Try stay up to date with the ones you love, and save the others for binge watching. Heck, drop some shows you don’t enjoy anymore. You don’t have to finish everything.

Finish some series. The same list as 2016. Buffy, Seinfeld, That ’70s Show.

Start some others. Let’s focus on netflix originals. The Crown, Sense8, The Get Down, Making a Murderer, Black Mirror. But also start some others (maybe) like Will and Grace and Veronica Mars.

Have a great 2017 everyone! xo


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