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Project ‘Get my physical TBR to ZERO!’

Get ready for a complete and utter ramble!


I have been trying to get my physical TBR down to zero for what seems like forever now. It started back in 2014 when I realised I was spending almost my entire pay cheque each week on new books, but I was never getting around to reading them because I already owned SO MANY. And then with #0by16 last year I was more determined than ever to get down to a manageable and preferably non-existent TBR. I was so invested in the idea of being able to purchase a book and read it immediately that I dove heart and soul into the idea of cutting back my TBR – but that did not happen. I never got down to zero. But still, daily, I look at my TBR shelf and know that I want it to be cut down. Slowly, day by day, I am making progress, but once again it is out of control and I know that I need to FINALLY get my head in the game (HSM anyone?!) and do something about the mess that is my TBR!

So what am I going to do about this? READ THE HECK OUT OF MY BOOKS! Duh. But I have also realised that I probably need to unhaul a lot of crap off my shelves. Over the past months I have been pretty good at only buying books I think I will really enjoy. I do my research before buying nowadays – no more mindless shopping! – but I do know that I can’t always be sure something is for me before I pick it up and read it for myself. That’s why I’ve also been taking advantage of iBooks! I broke my kindle a few months ago (rest in peace little fella) but since then I’ve really started enjoying reading on my phone! There’s a few YA books that have been tickling my fancy recently (eg. My Lady Jane) but with the way my reading tastes keep changing I have figured it’s best that I purchase a digital copy of these books just incase in say, a few months, I decide I really don’t want this anymore, and I’m not stuck with it sitting on my shelf.

What else have I been doing? SECOND HAND BOOK SHOPPING! Back in 2012 you couldn’t have convinced me that I would prefer going into a second hand bookstore than my local Dymocks, but past Amy was WRONG. I love it! I love the atmosphere of being surrounded by old books and I really, really love the price. I picked up 3 books the other day for under $10 and I am so happy with all of them. They aren’t particularly damaged – yes, they are old and a bit yellowed, but that doesn’t really matter, does it? And considering I purchased 2 classics and a Stephen King novel, something about the older look of them actually seems fitting.

Basically, what I wanted to get out of this post was visual confirmation (mostly to myself) that I really do want to get my TBR down to zero. Purchasing books and reading them immediately is such a satisfying feeling and I really wish I would be able to do that with each and every book I buy. So that’s the goal – get my TBR down to zero and begin only buying books I can read then and there. And who knows, if I don’t feel like reading that particular day, it will probably be nice to have a few extra dollars sitting in my bank account.


  1. I don’t know if my TBR will ever be done to zero, but I’ve moved a few times in the past year so I have been utilizing my library’s ebook program on my phone. Also, I love secondhand books! I like to think about who read this book before me, where has it been?

    • I love thinking about this too, it’s such a lovely idea! I love getting slightly damaged books and wondering how the corners had been bent or why pages have been torn

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