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Life get’s tough.

In September I challenged myself to post content on this blog every single day.

I see a lot of people online making similar promises (whether it be on youtube or a blog) and then giving up. I always wondered how they couldn’t complete it. Is it really that difficult to do something for 30 days straight? And well, the answer is yes.

A lot can change in a month. My life has kind of gone a bit haywire at the moment and I’m not positive when things will begin to calm down again.

I am reading! Slowly but surely I am reading, but with everything else happening at the moment I know I can’t promise content every day or a new review every week, so I need to admit to myself that nows not the time.

I hope everything calms down soon(ish) and I can get back to normal. But for now I’m going to keep on reading and sourcing inspiration for this blog. In the meantime, I’ll always be on goodreads and instagram so give them a sneaky peak.

Catch ya soon!

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