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TV shows I want to re-watch

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In honour of the Fall TV season (or Spring, as I’m in Australia) this week Top Ten Tuesday is themed around television instead of books! Since TV is probably just as big part of my life as books, this made me extremely excited.

Because I already have planned some other television topics that I want to write about I had to be creative when thinking of something to talk about today. Since rereading has been on my mind a lot lately, I thought I would continue on that and talk about some of the TV shows I want to re-watch soon!

For some reason I am a lot better at re-watching television than I am rereading books. Oops.


If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you will probably agree with me that the earliest seasons are the absolute bees knees. I’m head over heels in love with Meredith and the other interns throughout their residency at Seattle Grace and with the next season (13) apparently focusing on the remanding core characters of the show I feel like now would be a perfect time to go back and re-watch all the craziness that is Grey’s Anatomy. 


Putting Gilmore Girls on this list may be a bit of a cheat A) because I have already watched it multiple times and B) I am currently already half way through a re-watch, but as it remains my favourite show of all time I couldn’t not include it today. Gilmore Girls is everything I love about television and more, and you have no fucking clue how excited I am for the upcoming revival in November on Netflix. I’m stoked, so now is obviously the perfect re-watch time!


Before I watched this show beginning to end I had been watching random episodes on Nickelodeon for years. I always loved it but never quite gotten fully into it until 2014 and I fell head over heels. I still think about ATLA so often that I should really re-watch this at some point in the future. I always love to have a cartoon/20-minute program on the go to watch before bed so I think this would be a perfect time to do that.


I finished watching Merlin back in 2012 and continually refer to it as one of my favourite TV shows but it’s been almost 4 years and I haven’t re-watched a single episode. I feel about Merlin how I feel about all my ‘favourite books’ that I haven’t reread. How can I refer to something as my ‘favourite’ if I cannot remember over half of what happens over the series? I definitely need to re-watch this soon instead of starting another show.


Freaks and Geeks had been recommended to me by so many people over the years and last year I finally gave in and watched it and I fucking loved it. I did however make the mistake of watching the entire season (yes, only one season because it was cancelled!!!) in like, 3 days, and never revisited it. Why? Because I’m an absolute idiot. This is one of those shows I could re-watch forever and literally not get sick of it. It’s genius. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it!!

So that’s my list for this week!! Have you guys watched any of these shows before? What are some shows you’d like to re-watch? Let me know down below ❁

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