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My Favourite Booktubers

I’m posting every single day in September! Go here to check out everything I’ve talked about so far!

I still consider myself relatively new to the book-blogging world, however, I consider myself a booktube veteran. I may not have a channel (well, one I actually use) but I have been watching booktube for at least the past 4 years and feel like I’ve been there through all the major twists and turns that side of the internet has been through.

In saying that, there are a few people who’s videos I constantly gravitate towards. I watch a lot of booktube, so trying to list every single channel would be a mammoth of a task, but there are some favourites that are near and dear to my heart and I’d like to share those today!

(I’m also going to throw in some videos I recommend watching, so if you don’t like unhauls and purging books – look away now!)


Ariel (of ArielBissett)

I cannot remember how I actually discovered booktube (something that still bothers me to this day) but I do know that amongst others, Ariel was one of the first creators I discovered in the community. Even back in 2012 her videos were well thought out, creative and what I would call intelligent – and I swear with every upload they just keep getting better. How can they still be getting better?

I recommend: The Book Purge


Candice (of candysomething)

I stumbled across Candice only a few months ago but quickly she made it on to my favourites list. Actually, it was Ariel who linked one of Candice’s videos in her own, and after watching that one I couldn’t stop. I ended up watching years worth of videos over the course of the day. Candice is one of the most well-spoken creators on booktube that I have stumbled across, and I definitely suggest giving her a watch.

I recommend: The Book Unhaul and New Bookcase Tour


Chantal (of bookhands)

I discovered Chantal around a year ago when I started making my own booktube videos. She had just started out as well and she used to leave me comments all the time (which I loved, obviously). But recently her channel has kind of blown up with, again, a mention from Ariel Bissett and a position hosting one of the days for booktube-a-thon! Her videos are extremely well put together and I thoroughly enjoy watching her talk about a wide genre of books.

I recommend: Most Beat Up Books


Jean (of bookishthoughts)

I have been watching Jean’s videos for such a long time now that I wouldn’t be able to tell you how I came across her channel. Back last year, I had a week or so where I went through and binge-watched every single one of her videos back to back and I have to say that since then I have nothing but respect for this girl. While our tastes don’t always match, watching Jean’s channel has definitely given me the courage to go and pick up books I would have never thought of (and who would have guessed – a lot of them I loved!)

I recommend: 10 Books Under 150 Pages

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.27.39 PM.png

Whitney (of whittynovels)

Whitney, oh whitney. What would booktube be without Whitney? I think a lot of people have probably heard of/watched Whitney’s videos before. She’s one of the funniest booktubers out there for sure. I don’t just follow Whitney on youtube, but her snapchat is an absolute gem as well and I’m constantly catching up on what she’s up to. Since we’re the same age and kind of generally going through the same kind of stuff, I find myself relating to so many of her videos that I can’t help but love her channel. AND she posts journal flip throughs. Need I say more?

I recommend: On Feeling In Between

Who are some of your favourite booktubers? Like I said – I watch a lot of booktubers so I could probably do a part 2 and 3 etc of this series in the future. Let me know if you’d like that ❁

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