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The September Daily.

Over the past couple of months I have realised how important this blog is to me.

Yes, not many people actually read every post I write. And sure, there are far better blogs (both in writing and quality) going around the blogosphere. But personally this little blog means everything to me. Not only do I get to talk endlessly about books, but it takes my mind off the absolute shit-storm that can be reality sometimes.

And for those reasons, I have challenged myself to post every single day in September.

I will admit upfront that I won’t be writing every single day (I just don’t have that kind of time) but I really want to commit and have at least one post scheduled per day for the entire month of September.

I love it when my favourite blogs or youtube channels post daily. It’s not only something that makes you feel closer to who you are reading/watching but professionally it gives yourself a larger brand.

This blog isn’t something I do professionally (not many people do) but while I’m not studying and I’m working a job that I don’t see myself in forever, it’s nice to have somewhere like this that I can call my own and really dedicate myself to.

I hope you all enjoy what I post over the following month, I can’t wait to get started! ❁

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