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Quick update / Bout of Books

So as I shared on Sunday – I last minute decided to partitipate in Bout of Books 17.0! I haven’t partaken in a read-a-thon for quite a while so I wasn’t expecting too much from myself, however on Tuesday I was readmitted into hospital so it’s likely I’ll be reading more than I had planned!
On day one I started reading Ariel by Sylvia Plath (a collection of poetry). I wasn’t sure that poetry was really my thing until I picked this up. I didn’t quite complete the entire collection but I have fallen in love with a few of the poems already and will definitely be writing a full discussion post in the future!

Day two (yesterday) I followed my gut and picked up and old favourite of mine: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath! It has been years since I read this so rereading it is almost as though I’m picking it up for the first time. I made it 70 pages into this before I hit the hay, but I’ve already read a hunk more today (I’ll update you soon!)

I’m not as active in this readathon as I would have liked – but it’s there motivating me regardless!

I’ll update you all on my reading status in a few days xo


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