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Week of Reviews: Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher [4]

I honestly don’t think I could have found a more perfect time to pick up this book.

Let me set the picture: I was on holiday to visit my Gran, two days sober, and was just about ready to throw my head through the wall with frustration. (If you have ever tried giving up a substance, you’ll completely understand what I’m talking about here). Gran however didn’t know I was trying to go cold-turkey (I’m honestly shocked she didn’t figure it out) and so I went to town to go to a bookstore with her, when I stumbled across this gem of a book.

Wishful Drinking is memoir written by Star Wars star Carrie Fisher about drug abuse, hypersexuality and manic depression and boy was it hilarious. Usually it wouldn’t be appropriate to put all those topics under the umbrella of ‘comedic’ but somehow Fisher manages to make it an absolute laugh riot. It would have to be one of the funniest memoirs I have ever read.

Born to entertainer Eddie Fisher and movie star Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher has a lot of stories to share. From being raised by famous, scandal-plagued parents, her drug abuse and mental disorders, her recent electroconvulsive therapy and her mother calling Cary Grant to counsel them about LSD? Carrie frequently had me laughing out loud, but I was equally holding my breath in shock as she spoke about her bipolar disorder and how it infiltrated every aspect of her life.

My only true complaint is the length of this book, but that cannot be helped as it’s based off of her one-woman-show of the same title. I would have loved to read more about her life, however from reading this it’s quite obvious that she could have filled entire volumes discussing her Star Wars experience alone, nevermind everything else.

This book did what I needed it to do, plus more. It distracted me from the shitty place I was in and made me realise other people were all going through the same crap I was – so I’d survive it. I would be okay. It also put a smile on my face that comes back every time I think about this memoir. It’s one that I will definitely re-read at some point in the future – with no excuses, it’s only 163 pages!

4/5 stars.

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