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Week of Reviews: The Grownup by Gillian Flynn [1]

It takes serious skill to write a story so engaging in only 64 pages, but of course Gillian Flynn hit it out of the park (is that the saying? I’m Australian I don’t know these baseball terms… Is it even baseball?!) with this chilling, creepy read!

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. Leave it to Gillan Flynn pull me out of my reading slump and dump me back on dry land desperate to read something that would live up to this. But that’s how I felt after reading it. Before picking this up I hadn’t managed to finish a book in what felt like forever (but was actually probably only a week or two) but after flying through this story in just over half an hour I found myself craving something that would mimic the feeling I experienced while reading.

Gillian Flynn’s writing style always has me completely captivated, and this was no exception. Essentially The Grownup is a modern-day take on a haunted house story. It follows a fake psychic, who agrees to help Susan as she’s encountering problems with her step-son and believes it could have something to do with their new house.

As much as I would have loved to see this as a full-length novel, I think the short story format fit it perfectly. It took so many twists and turns I wasn’t expecting, and although I am still a tad undecided on what I think of the ending – I personally can’t think of a way to end it better so I’m completely down with what Flynn has written! I found it completely unexpected and I’m still thinking about it a few weeks after reading it – so for me that’s a good ending!

I loved the bold and somewhat cheeky voice of the narrator, especially at the beginning, and was surprised to see how well-developed she seemed in only a short amount of time. In fact something that really impressed me was how well-developed each character in this story was, regardless of the time frame.

What I think I enjoyed most about this book (compared to Gillian Flynn’s other works) was the supernatural-vibes it had going on. While it wasn’t a perfect story, I did thoroughly enjoy this read and it’s made me much more inclined to pick up more short stories in the future. (And even give Gone Girl another chance!)

4/5 stars. ▲

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