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TV Shows: What I’m Watching!

Hello! Today I’m here to talk to you about the TV shows I am currently watching.

Let’s get this out here now: I’m a TV junkie. An honest to god TV junkie.

So yeah, I watch a lot of TV shows. The saddest part about this list is that it’s a condensed list. I’ve been in a bit of a TV slump lately. Work has been kicking my butt and I’ve kind of got to a point where I literally do not have enough time in a week to watch all the shows I wan to watch. So some of these shows I watch weekly, some I binge watch 2-3 episodes in one go. Sadly there are some shows that I’ve had to cut completely for the moment (Arrow, Castle, Suits, Elementary…) but I’m sure I’ll end up binging 10-20 episodes in one go in a few months time!

So sorry in advance about the length of this post if you’re not interested in TV, but I’ll admit, sometimes I think I’m probably more into TV than books! *cowers away from the screaming*

But without further ado, lets get started!

*ps. lets not count how many times I say “I love it!” in this post. I love lots of things, ok?


Bob’s Burgers. If you haven’t heard of Bob’s Burgers I don’t know where you’ve been camping out for the past 6 years but it’s great. It’s a hilariously awesome show about Bob Belcher and his families adventures owning a Burger restaurant. Definitely check it out if you’re into shows like…


The Simpsons. I come from the biggest Simpson-loving family, I’m positive. It’s ridiculous how imeded into my brain these guys are. Although the shows been lacking something in the past couple of seasons, it’s a show I continue to watch and love weekly.


Pretty Little Liars. I’m always deliberating not continuing with this show but then I spend hours and hours catching up on the episodes I missed when I was determined I was going to quit. But now that the shows set 5 years in the future from its previous seasons, I’m loving it more than ever. Can these girls ever catch a break?!


The Fosters. This Freeform show is one of the most real and heart-warming family shows on television at the moment (if I don’t say so myself). While it’s a bit cheesy at time, I can’t help but love it. It follows a lesbian couple and their adoptive children. It’s simple but effective and addicting!


Teen Wolf. I will follow this show until the end of time! If you started and never continued pleasepleaseplease continue it will be so worth your time! I wouldn’t even know how to describe it? But lately it’s been super dark and I am loving it SO much!!!


Brooklyn Nine Nine. A hilarious comedy about New York Police Department 99 Precinct. Definitely a must-watch if you’re into shows like Parks and Rec, 30 Rock and The Office. Not going to lie this is probably one of my favourite TV comedies on TV at the moment!


Marvel’s Agent Carter. If you didn’t already know this about me: I’m a big MCU fan and Agent Carter happens to be one of the things I love. Season 2 is airing at the moment following Peggy’s adventures in LA and I’m freaking loving it. The time period, the bad-ass-ness, Peggy? I love everything so much.


The Flash. This show is the only DC TV show thats made it onto my list! I know that the best way to watch The Flash/Arrow is alongside one another, but I really wasn’t feeling Arrow and I love The Flash too much to stop right now! Barry Allen is actually my true love I’m 90% sure and I will continue to love him until the end of time….


The 100. I never thought I was going to like this show as much as I do after seeing the first season, but holy moly does it improve! The show is set in a world where radiation killed the planet and the only survivors were those living onboard space stations. Flash-forward 90-something years and 100 delinquent teenagers were sent back to earth to see if it was habitable… 3 seasons later and the show is SO much better than the first couple of episodes. Trust me on this. You need to be watching this show!


Girl Meets World. Boy Meets World may be one of my favourite shows ever, so when Disney started airing a show about Cory and Topanga’s daughter I knew I would be watching it. I don’t care what people say! This one follows Riley Matthews alongside her classmates as they struggle through middle school and I freaking love it. Definitely a show for younger audiences but god, it packs the same heart-warming punch as BMW and that’s why I keep watching! 10/10 it’s great


The Walking Dead. What else can I say about this show than this: it’s about a zombie apocalypse. While there were a few lackluster seasons in the middle, season 6 is currently airing and I’m enjoying it a whole lot more than I was expecting! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to stop watching this show, I’m so interested to know how the TV show is going to adapt the comics!


Grey’s Anatomy. I have been following this show religiously for years now. Through the ups and down I have been there for Meredith Grey and Meredith Grey has been there for me. Now, with only one or two seasons left (surely?!) I am still really enjoying this show, even if it’s nothing compared to its first few seasons (seasons 1-5 are amazing, you need to watch them!)


How to Get Away with Murder. This show. Holy shit. It’s first season absolutely blew me away in 2014 and I can’t believe that I’m still just as glued to my TV with every new episode! If you don’t know (why) it follows 5 law students and their teacher, as they basically learn how to get away with murder. Nice.

I will probably do another one of these at some point – because I know there are a bunch of mini series coming out that I want to discuss! Also, I binge watch a lot of shows on netflix etc that I haven’t listed here, because these are all shows that are actually currently airing 🙂

Have you watched any of these? Or have any recommendations for me based on what I watch? Let me know down below! X



  1. Gah I totally get you with the Flash love but not Arrow- I watch them together, so I watch The Flash episode and then the Arrow equivalent, but I always procrastinate on watching the Arrow episode and now I’m like 10 episodes behind on both of the latest seasons! I mean I’ve been binge watching The X-Files lately, and it’s totally amazing, so I recommend that. Also In The Flesh for The Walking Dead. It’s only got 2 seasons, and it is quite slow, but holy moley I love it so much, it’s my favourite ‘zombie’ show!

    • Up until the current seasons of Flash and Arrow I have always watched the episodes together as well, but this year I honestly lost all motivation for Arrow so I let myself watch The Flash…. I still don’t know how I feel about this decision!!! Oh that’s great that you’re enjoying the X-Files – I’ve been meaning to start it for years! And cheers for the zombie recs, I’m so bad at finding new zombie shows/books despite how much I love the genre 😛

  2. flickbox says

    Great list ! My favourites from there are the flash and the walking dead. 🙂

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