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Comic Series I’ve Been Reading

After writing one of these posts a couple of weeks ago (check it out!), I decided to continue doing them and giving you guys a few mini reviews about the comics I read. I am on a pretty good comic run at the moment, so hopefully that continues, and I don’t hit a run of 1/2 star books soon. That’d be a bummer! But for now, here’s some comics I read recently!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.01.42 pm

Daredevil, Vol 1: Devil at Bay, Daredevil, Vol 2: West-Case Senario:

After Netflix’s hit show in 2014 I’d been meaning to pick up a daredevil comic however I never made it a priority to do so. However the more I got into Marvel Now! comics, the closer I got to picking up the latest run of Daredevil, and I finally did! The first volume was a great introduction and I enjoyed the artwork, but unfortunately the story was lacking something. And while the second volume was also not a 5 star rating, it was definitely a step up from the first volume and also managed to deal with some very serious topics (depression and postpartum depression) in an incredible well done way. I will definitely be continuing this series.


Batman and Robin: Eternal, Vol 1:

The BatFam is my favourite aspect of DC that I’ve read, so it was always going to be a given that I’d enjoy Batman and Robin: Eternal. While I do understand why a lot of people dislike this arc, I really did enjoy this trade (heck, I gave it a 5 stars). While the story is slightly over-packed with characters, I did manage to keep up and understand what was happening. This volume focuses on the mysterious villian, Mother, who controls a worldwide network of potential assassins. Towards the end of the trade, it definitely got weaker, and currently I am not reading the issues weekly as they were released. I’m not even positive I’m continuing at this point. But the beginning of this arc definitely was one of my favourite things I’ve read in a while.


Ant-Man, Vol 1: Second-Chance Man:

I’ve been wanting to read an Ant-Man comic since the movie (which in itself was a pleasant surprise) in July. Every time I go to start reading a new character I get lost on where to begin, however so many people told me to start here and I’m so glad I did. It was funny, had great dialogue and the art style suited the hilarious Scott Lang and was exactly what I was in the mood for. While this is not the beginning of Scott’s story, Nick Spencer definitely feeds you enough info for you to follow along. Definitely surprised with how much I enjoyed this one.

Have you read any of these, or have any recommendations for me? Let me know down below! X


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