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Book Crimes I Commit Daily

I admit it – sometimes I do things that would make most readers want to hit me over the head with a sledge hammer and leave me on the side of the road. Too intense? Trust me, I have seen some pretty intense comments on videos when people have ‘mistreated’ books. But alas, my books are not always in top-notch condition. I can’t help it that I don’t live a pristine life!

So below I have made a list of a few things I do to and with my books that might make a few of you cringe a little bit. Or who knows, maybe we all secretly do these things and just don’t admit it!

I dog ear pages. I dog ear my pages a LOT. Shamelessly. Although I am happy to use anything as a bookmark (scrap paper, my phone, remotes, blankets) I am always happiest when I dog ear books. It’s so much easier! There is no issue with losing bookmarks (which can be kind of pricey and special) but I can also mark important pages that I want to remember without having to include extra book marks. I just love it. It also makes a book look used, which I love in a book.

I write in my books. Ok, I will admit that I use pencil when I do this. I haven’t quite built up the courage to write in pen in my books yet. But I do love writing in my books. Pairing a nice annotation with a dog ear is something I do quite a bit. If I want to remember something about a passage or sentence – damn it I want to remember it! It’s the easiest way!

I eat and drink while I read. Reading is my down time. Unfortunately for my books, my downtime often is paired with my eating time. The amount of times I have found crumbs in books from god knows when or I’ve spilt my water/tea on my book is probably shameful. But oops. Life is life and I’ve gotta eat at some point.

My books are beat up. So beat up. If I’m reading a book, it goes everywhere with me. It gets put in the car and thrown into my bag under all the other crap in there. It ends up in piles of things that I’m carrying around and it is more than likely found on the floor hours later. That’s just how it works. So a few bent corners and ripped pages is inevitable.

I read in the bath (and other bodies of water). This is probably the most dangerous thing I do. I love a nice bath; filled with bubbles and bath bombs that often have sparkles. And sometimes that water gets on my book. And the bubbles, and the sparkles. Oh dear.

I break the spine. I don’t have much to say about this one apart from IT’S EASIER OKAY!

Do you have any bookish crimes that you commit on the daily? I would be ashamed, but sometimes when I look over at my bookshelves and see my books all worn with love and so obviously mine I can’t help but care. My books are mine and I love them no matter how I treat them. X


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