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2015 Releases I Missed (but Still Want to Read!)

If you haven’t been around long, you probably won’t know that I took a bit of a blogging ‘hiatus’ towards the end of last year. It wasn’t an official hiatus or anything of the sorts, but with my work schedule getting hectic and going on holidays, I found that my blog was nearing the bottom of my priority list.

Unfortunately it’s always the case that you miss good things when you are away. And this time, the good thing I missed was a bunch of Top Ten Tuesday topics. If you’re unaware, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish (check it out here!).

Because I missed out on a few good topics, I thought I would post a few scattered posts over the weeks where I can put my own spin on what I missed out on. Here we go!


Winter by Marissa Meyer

Winter is the final instalment in one of my all time favourite YA series The Lunar Chronicles and I honestly cannot believe that I haven’t picked it up yet! I had this book on preorder for months prior to its release and ended up paying $10 extra – but I still haven’t picked it up. Definitely excited for this one – maybe I’m just putting it off to savour the series for a bit longer?


Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Sometime soon I will have to stop mentioning this book on ‘to read’ posts and start writing about how much I loved it (or hated it – but I’m being positive right now!). This book sounds so incredibly interesting that I can’t believe I didn’t get caught up in the hype and read it immediately! If you don’t know, this one is a heist story set in the Grisha world and I’m so ready to pick up a copy.


Illuminae by Amie Kaufman

I’ll state this now: I have no freaking clue what this one is about. Something about space? Or a murder? I have no clue. But the reviews for this one have been amazing. The physical edition of this book is incredible and has a lot of mixed media content, but then I’ve heard amazing things about the audiobook as well. So I’m not sure how I’m going to read this, but I am excited to read this one!


All the Rage by Courtney Summers

From what I can tell, this is a relatively dark YA novel about a young girl who is dealing with the aftermath of being raped in a town where everyone knows her story. I bought this book days after it was released and have been itching to get to it since. Why haven’t I picked it up yet? I couldn’t tell you. But hopefully I get to it soon!


More Happy than Not by Adam Silvera

I’ve only read the premise for this one recently (why didn’t I sooner?) but holy-moly I am so bloody excited to pick this book up! It sounds like something I would definitely enjoy and sounds like the type of book that I tend to find myself leaning towards. This one follows Aaron in the months following his fathers suicide. When his girlfriend leaves town for a couple of weeks and Aaron finds himself becoming closer with new-kid Thomas. Any book with LGBTQIA+ themes always intrigues me and I’m pumped for this!

Have you read any of these books before? Are they worth me picking up? Let me know down below! X


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  1. I’ve only read Six of Crows on this list, but I’m also very pumped to read the others! More so for More Happy Than Not because I love reading LGBT+ books, and Winter, because I really need to finish at least one series this year!

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