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Weekend Reads #8

Welcome back! I have neglected ‘weekend reads’ posts on my blog in the past four or five months, mainly due to the fact that I have already told Goodreads what I’m reading so what’s the point in writing an update – right?

But in all honesty, these are one of my favourite posts to write. I know I have only done 7 in the past, but I was just looking back over them and I can so vividly remember what I was doing when I was writing them. It’s a weird feeling. It also makes me get the Pokemon theme song stuck in my head (apparently I was watching a lot of Pokemon in 2015)!

This weekend is actually pretty exciting for me! It’s the Australia Day long weekend here in Aus, and to celebrate my family and I are going camping until Tuesday. So with no internet connection and no power for 4 days, making sure I have a decent book is pretty important!

At our family camping trip last January I managed to read the entire 4th book in the Game of Thrones series, A Feast for Crows in six days! So my reading plans for this camping trip are pretty similar. Here we go!

1. A Dance with Dragons by George R R Martin. I’m currently around the 200 page mark – and have been since April last year. I really want to use this long weekend to try and completely finish this book, it’s not like I had a lot else to do!

And if you hadn’t figured it out – that’s it! I really, really want to do that this weekend. Wish me luck! X


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