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What Makes You Re-Read A Book?

I find it very difficult to re-read books. Every year I say I’m going to re-read my favourite books and it’ll “finally be the year I re-read The Book Thief” but it never make it happen. There are hundreds upon thousands of new books being released and that have already been published that I could be reading instead and I always make the new books priority instead of the ones I’ve already experienced. It’s a shame, because there was once something incredible enough about a book that I called it one of my favourite books, but I never take the time to read it again.

Can it really be your favourite book if you haven’t read it more than once? Probably. But it’s also probably not as important in your mind as you claim.

I want 2016 to be the year that I re-read some of my favourite books (The Book Thief, The Night Circus, Harry Potter) so in order to do that I have been thinking over what makes a book ‘re-readable’ for me and what it takes for me to be able to re-read a book. Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to.

1. Comfort. There are some books that make me feel safe, secure and comfortable, and knowing that they are going to give me the warm and fussies is a great incentive to re-read a book. Some books just make me feel like I’m wrapped up in a big, comfy and warm blanket and re-living that feeling is something I really love. Whether this is a fluffy contemporary read that warms my heart, or a childhood favourite that gives me nostalgia, it doesn’t matter, I just love that feeling. Knowing that the book isn’t going to break me and I’m going to be in a happy mood afterwards is sometimes what I need.

2. Is it still a favourite? Sometimes going back to a book is not only a reflection on how good the book actually is, but it’s a reflection of how you have grown up and changed as a person. Sometimes looking back on books, or even reading an old review I wrote, makes me realise how much I have changed since I last read it. My reading habits and tastes change all the time, and I wish I could re-read every book I’ve ever read sometimes just to see if I think the same thing I originally did. This is the main reason I want to re-read The Book Thief and The Night Circus because I am so in love with them in my head, and I wonder if they live up to how much I have hyped them since I read them. I’m also interested in reading some of my favourite contemporaries like Fangirl because it’s very likely I won’t be as interested anymore.

3. Is the book in a series? Apart from the obvious (*cough* Harry Potter) it is very rare that I would re-read a book from a series, or even consider reading a book from a series. I’m not someone who re-reads previous books from a series before the newest book is released (who has the time?!). If I can’t quite remember what’s happening I am guilty of searching on the internet to remind myself what is happening instead of re-reading the previous books.

What makes you want to re-read a book? Please let me know down below as I need ALL the help I can get to inspire me to re-read books! X


  1. I only really reread comfort books or my favourites, but like you, I feel like most books aren’t as good in the reread, and only a couple managed to hold on to their star-ratings. The excitement dies down and emotions don’t run as high when you reread a book, I feel.

    Sorry! This probably doesn’t really help. 😛

    • No – I absolutely appreciate knowing that other people don’t find the star-ratings matching what they were originally! Such a shame things like that happen!

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