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Comic Series I’ve Been Reading

As I mentioned in my goals post recently, one of my resolutions for the new years is to continue reading on-going comic series. Along with that, I really want to continue to read past volumes of characters I really love. So I thought to keep myself motivated I would begin to share with you some of them that I have been reading recently!


Silk, Vol. 0: The Life and Times of Cindy Moon: 

It’s very rare that new characters are brought into the marvel universe and given their own series right off the bat. Cindy Moon was first introduced in the Spider-Verse and immediately became a favourite. And this first volume of Cindy’s story didn’t disappoint (heck, I spent $25 on a physical copy!)

While her character can be read as slightly immature, I find her intent on tracking down her family and the love she has for her brother endearing and I really hope things go well for this girl.

The art, which is nothing like the trade cover suggests, is more light-hearted and cartoony which I feel really suits the character. And I personally love it.

I rated the trade 5 stars and hope to be writing a review soon!


Grayson, Vol 1: Agents of Spyral:

I admit that I am a DC newbie. I don’t know much about anything outside the BatFam. However Dick Grayson (aka the original Robin) is something I do know a little about. After getting really into Batgirl last year and reading the trade of Batgirl/Robin: Year One I got my first glimpse at Dick, and he quickly became a favourite to read about.

Grayson is the latest in Dick’s adventures in the 52 universe. Former Robin, former Nightwing, presumed dead, in Grayson Volume 1 Dick goes to work for the spy organisation Spyral as Agent 37.

Although it was incredible obvious that this was the first in the series due to the amount of introduction to certain characters and setting the scene, I did enjoy reading this first volume. I enjoyed the art quite a bit, and honestly my only real complaint was that Dick was incapable of saying no to sex. Honestly. Not for the life of him could he make smart sexual decisions.

Besides that I did enjoy this first volume, and I’ll definitely be continuing this series. Whether that will be in trade form or single issues I’m not sure yet. 4 stars.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 7.34.23 pm

Black Widow, Vol 2: The Tightly Tangled Web, Black Widow, Vol 3: Last Days:

I read the first volume of this Black Widow run back in April 2015 and was relatively disappointed. And I’ll admit that it didn’t get much better in volumes 2 and 3. While the art style was refreshing and enjoyable, it changed in volume 3 and let me down. The plot was quite dull and never really picked up, however there were a few high points (*cough* Bucky, Matt Murdock AND Clint Barton appearance) this series was nothing overly special. All I hope is the next Black Widow series (due out mid 2016) will be a bit better!

Knowing me, I’ll have another of these posts out soon! Until then, have you read any of these? Or are there any comics you can recommend? Let me know down below! X


  1. Joey Reyes says

    Ahhh, I love these comics! I think you’ll love Young Avengers. Especially volume 2. Volume 1 was good but volume 2 is the best!

    • I have read the first run of young avengers and I need to start the latest run!! There’s a few small arcs between I want to get my hands on first 🙂

  2. I’m super sad to hear (read?) about Black Widow! I’ll probably read the volumes anyway, but I’ll definitely go into it not expecting big big things from it now. And I love the Robins, I’ve been eyeing up literally every graphic novel with the Robins in them and I’m gonna bump Grayson Vol 1 up on my to-buy list now!

    • Definitely read Black Widow – it’s worth it, just a bit lacking in the plot area 😛 SO HAVE I! I’m going through the biggest batfam phase at the moment its getting out of hand!! And yes, get Grayson! I just recently picked up Nightwing as well so I really want to explore Dick a bit more 🙂

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