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Book Review: Vicious by V. E. Schwab

13638125I must admit that after picking up this novel I am slightly ashamed that I haven’t already read all of Victoria Schwab’s works. This book absolutely blew my expectations out of the water, and they were already exceedingly high!

Vicious is an adult-fantasy novel written by American author Victoria Schwab about two college roommates who are driven by ambition and adrenaline to discover how people can obtain extraordinary abilities. However when their thesis moves from the academic to the experimental things being to go terribly wrong. Vicious is a tale of superheroes and supervillians and one I definitely recommend if you are a fan of comic books (like myself).

The story is split between present and 10 years ago. The present tells the story of Victor, an escaped convict, who is determined to find and face his old friend-turned-enemy who seems to be making his mark around the city. Flash back ten years and Victor is a young, intelligent university student who is practically inseparable from his best friend and roommate – Eli.

At the beginning of this book it wasn’t clear who’s side you were going to end up. I was rooting for both characters, but as the book continues it becomes a true story of good vs bad and I couldn’t help but cheer for the good guys.

I found Schwab’s writing style absolutely enticing. Something about the way she strings sentences together and the beautiful and intense description she uses is almost delicious and it is the exact style that appeals to me. It’s not so much it’s overwhelming, but enough for you to understand what’s happening. And I loved it.

The cast of characters in this book have really stuck with me. Schwab’s ability to create such strong-willed and loveable (even if you totally hated them?!) characters continues to astound me.

Easily 5 stars, and I will continue to read anything (and everything) that Victoria Schwab publishes in the future!

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