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Goals #2

In January 2015 I made a post titled ‘Goals’. This was the first time I had ever physically made a list of things I wanted to accomplish during the year. This list was by no means personal. I didn’t write down that I wanted to lose weight or that I wanted to avoid chocolate for an entire year, because I never ever stick to those. I did however write down all things I wanted to do during the year that involved books/movies/television.

While I definitely did not accomplish everything (I wasn’t even close), I thought I would reflect on what I wanted to do, what I ended up doing, and what I hope to do during 2016.

In around June 2015, after dropping out of University after only one semester and beginning a new full time job, I realised that sticking to new years resolutions wasn’t exactly my thing. I’m constantly changing as a person. My mood changes, my interests change and my availability is as unpredictable as anything. Before I knew it, it was already the middle of the year. And I was no where near finishing up everything I’d set out to do. So I didn’t force it.

My main bookish goal of 2015 was to get my TBR down to 0 books. While this didn’t happen (I think I still have between 30-40 books on my TBR) I did drastically change my book buying habits. When I became interested in a book, I waited at least a month before picking up a copy, to make sure I was still interested. And had I not hit a major reading slump in October, I think I probably could have accomplished this goal.

While I didn’t complete by TBR challenge, I definitely learnt to embrace a reading slump and not to force any reading. I learned patience, and I think I’ll continue to appreciate that longer than I would have been able to appreciate having no unread books on my shelves.

I wanted my goodreads goal to exceed 100 books in 2015 and hallelujah I did it!  At least 52 of that had to be made up of novels and the rest could be anything. Currently (18/12) my goodreads reading challenge sits at 127 books! 53 of those were novels and the rest where biographies/comics/graphic novels or fairytales. I was most happy completing this goal.

I did not read diversely enough in 2015. I haven’t looked into it very well, but I also made no effort to read diversely. So if I did it was all a fluke, and I don’t count that.

I only re-read The Maze Runner. I could have definitely re-read more favourites. Oops.

Onto movies, I definitely stopped paying attention to my goals early on.

A main goal I had was to spend less money at the cinema. And while I did (kind of), there were so many amazing releases this year that I wanted to see on the big screen so the spending kind of went haywire. I can’t imagine 2016 being any better (have you SEEN the line up?!)

I did not watch 100 new-to-me movies in 2015. Not even close. As of the 18th of December I have watched 44 new movies (I’m actually surprised by this number) and 21 re-watches.

Another goal was to re-watch some favourites. And although I didn’t so much re-watch my favourites like Star Wars and Back to the Future, I did re-watch High School Musical. A few times. And I’m sure that counts for something.

I really hoped I would watch more classic movies that I hadn’t seen before, but unfortunately I didn’t get around to this either. I am planning on writing out a few more lists of movies I need to watch in 2016 soon, and I’m sure I’ll post them at some point in the future.

TV. Where do I even start with TV. It was a weird year for television in my book. So many amazing shows came and went, but I feel like I stuck to a pretty basic schedule and didn’t give myself enough time to binge on shows I desperately wanted to see.

However saying that, I did watch some full series I’m unbelievably happy with. So it was ok in the end.

I never finished Buffy, Desperate Housewives, The OC or Revenge like I’d listed, but none of them (ok, apart from Buffy) were priority. Hopefully 2016 is the year.

The only show I listed that I wanted to start was Parks and Rec, which I watched the entire series in record time to be caught up before the finale in February. I did binge some other amazing shows however like Boy Meets World, The Pacific, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra and Freaks and Geeks – Just to name a few.

So now that I’ve rambled on about what I did and didn’t do (mainly didn’t), here are my 2016 goals. No one is in any way obligated to read these, I mainly make these posts for myself to reflect on, however if you have any similar posts be sure to link them below in the comments! I’d love to give them a look over 🙂

Book Goals

Buy less books. I’m bringing this challenge over from 2015. Improve on what you did last year. No impulse buys. Do your research. Read the bad reviews. Do you trust the reviewer? Is there something else you’d rather be reading? Try reading that first. Try anything. Just don’t spend your money when you can’t afford it.

Lower your TBR. You were so close in 2015, there were just some slip ups. Read what you already own. You were interested in them when you bought them, I bet you still are. Read what you already own.

Read less. Read novels you know you’ll love. Read a comic if you don’t feel like it. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things. Take time to appreciate what you do pick up. Be critical.

RE-READ YOUR FAVOURITES. It surprises me that this is the challenge you find hardest to complete. It’s easy. Pick it up. Read it. You loved it once, I bet you’ll love it again.

Read ongoing comic series. This might sound strange, but find a few comic series that are still being published that you can read as the issues are released. You started doing this in December and the feeling was amazing. Keep it up. Please.

Movie Goals

Don’t spend too much at the cinemas. Make a list of upcoming movies and really think about what you want to see. I know 2016 is going to be a hectic year for movies, but some of them aren’t priority. Maybe. I’m not sure. Spend what you need. Heck, go see them all.

50 new movies. It must have been by miracle that you watched 100 new-to-you movies in 2014, because it definitely didn’t happen in 2015. You’re busy with work, I understand. But maybe if you keep on top of the other goals below, 50 will be something you can accomplish.

Classics. Get on those buzzfeed articles and watch some famous movies. Watch something from all the eras. Just, please do this. I want to watch them so badly.

Re-watch. Re-watch Star Wars and Back to the Future. Those are priority. I know you’ll re-watch High School Musical without me telling you, but you could probably throw in Camp Rock as well if you’d really like.

 Television Goals

Finish some series. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seinfeld, That ’70s Show. There’s a lot more, but as of right now those are priority.

Star some others. Band of Brothers, Star Trek: The Original Series, Veronica Mars, Will & Grace, The Office. Enjoy yourself. Don’t push it if you don’t want to.


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