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Ten Finished Series I Have Yet to Finish

This is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. You can find out more info here!

Let’s start this off by saying that the series I am listing are all ones I have specifically started. There are countless completed series that are super popular but I have yet to start, but I don’t want to add these to this list because let’s be honest, that would go on forever. So all these books I am at least part way through.

(In no particular order)

1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone (trilogy) by Lani Taylor. I started the first book a few months back, but I decided to put it down because I wasn’t in the mood. I definitely want to continue this series and finish it off (at this point, heck, I may hate the book), but I definitely have intentions of finishing this.

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (series) by Rick Riordan. This series is taking me years to finish. I read the first book in 2013 and I still haven’t made it to the third. I like the series, but I’m definitely a mood reader and I suppose I just haven’t been in the mood to finish off this series.

3. Vampire Academy (series) by Richelle Meed. I have literally only read the first 100 or so pages of the first book, but I do plan on finishing at least the first book. Hopefully I enjoy it, because I feel like this is such a popular series that if I don’t enjoy it I might be shunned by the entire book community.

4. Shatter Me (trilogy) by Tahereh Mafi. If you follow this blog at all, you know I absolutely hated the first book in this series. My review is here if you’re interested in knowing why. However I’ll say point blank that I have no intentions in finishing this series.

5. Hex Hall (trilogy) by Rachel Hawkins. I read the first book in this series back in 2013, and while I’m not sure how popular this series is online, I know a lot of people in real life who really enjoy it and judge me that I didn’t enjoy this first book as much as them. However, I have no intentions on reading the remainder of this series.

6. If I Stay (duology) by Gayle Foreman. Ugh. I hated the first book in this duology. While I feel like it was kind of a waste to not just read the last book so I could count this series as read, the idea of finishing this makes me want to flush my head down the toilet. I hated it. (Sorry)

7. Jurassic Park (duology?) Michael Crichton. THE FIRST BOOK IN THIS DUOLOGY IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ! I only just finished reading this book kind of recently, which is the main reason I haven’t picked up the second book. I am so so so so so excited to continue this!

8. Eragon (series) by Christopher Paolini. This might come as the biggest shock ever. I love this series. I’ve said for a long time that it is one of my favourite fantasy books, however me being me, I never completed the final book in this series. Because I’m the definition of human garbage. I am planning on re-reading this entire series before I finally complete the final book. I kind of hate myself every day for not completing this one.

9. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (series) by Ann Brashares. I read the first book in this series way back in the day but never continued on. I’d really like to amend this one day, but for now it’s really not a priority.

10. The Chronicles of Narnia (series) by C. S. Lewis. A few months ago I picked up The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (the second book in The Chronicles of Narnia) and didn’t really get into it. I never read this book as a child, but I do hope to one day begin this series from the beginning and try it out properly.

What are some of your most embarrassing uncompleted series? Let me know below! X


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