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Comic Review: Thor: Goddess of Thunder (Volume 1) Written by Jason Aaron and Illustrated by Russell Dauterman

Thor? Thor’s a woman now? Like the for-real Thor? She ain’t called She-Thor or Lady Thunderstrike or nothing like that?”

I never had too much interest in reading Thor. I have read comic series that he has featured in, however the idea of reading a solo Thor comic never appealed to me that much. However, when it was announced that Marvel had a female Thor in the works, I immediately became intrigued and knew I would be picking up at least the first issue. Replacing the original Thor was a hugely risky and controversial move on Jason Aaron’s part, but in my opinion, it’s been a hugely successful choice and well worth the potentional backlash.

I really enjoyed reading this volume. I loved the new Thor. While the Frost Giant plot was lacking something, I really loved seeing this new girl kicking major butt, just like the regular old Thor. I also really enjoyed the way we were able to catch a glimpse into her mind by being able to see what she was thinking and how it didn’t match up with what she said aloud.

The artwork is great. Although a little busy at time (especially during battle scenes), I found that the colour palette wasn’t overwhelming on the slightest and rather helped keep me calm through the busy moments.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the mystery of who is this new Thor?Although at times I felt like there wasn’t enough character development because we were unable to see the new Thor outside her role as a superhero, I found myself drawn in, anxiously waiting to discover who she was. I also loved seeing Thor Odinson playing detective and trying to figure out who this mystery girl who can lift his hammer is. This began later in the volume, which makes me excited to continue on to see who she is. I really hope they don’t hold back on the reveal for too long though, otherwise I can imagine my interest lessening.


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