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Book Review: Wonder by R. J. Palacio

Wonder is one of those rare books that you know will impact your life within the first chapter. It’s a beautifully written, humorous, eye-opening and heart-warming read that everyone should take time out to read, because who knows, it might just change your life too.

The story focuses August (Auggie), a ten year old boy who suffers from severe facial abnormalities. Up until this point, his mum has homeschooled him, however when it’s time for Auggie to enter middle school they decide to send him to a private school. When he begins school at the beginning of the semester, he faces a number of new experiences from friendship to bullies, and he must deal with the shock that everyone has when they see him for the first time. Told from multiple character perspectives, this is the story of August and the people that have affected and been affected in his life.

Typically, Wonder is categorised as a children’s book. While the writing is simplistic, with easy-to-read short chapters, I do believe that this is a book almost anyone could pick up, read and gain something from. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy reading this book. It’s the perfect example of a book that has no boundaries; it’s good because it’s good regardless of whether or not it was written for children or adults.

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should read this book. I think it would be great reading material in school and perfect as a gift to someone you know. Whether they are an avid reader or someone who enjoys a casual book here or there, they are sure to gain something from reading it.

This is a feel-good book with a beautiful message that I will recommend without hesitation to everyone.

5 stars.


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