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WWW Wednesday – 27th May 2015

This is WWW Wednesday, a weekly feature revived by samannelizabeth, where you answer three questions: what are you currently reading, what did you recently finish reading, what do you think you’ll read next? So here we go!

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading The Kill Order by James Dashner. Honestly, I’m really, really, REALLY not enjoying this book at all. I loved The Maze Runner trilogy, however I think a major part of me loving that trilogy was the group of characters. Unfortunately in this book, the characters in this prequel are falling completely flat for me and I could not care less about them. Half of them are already dead and I didn’t bat an eyelid. And I figured going into this book I wasn’t going to enjoy it much, I just didn’t realise I would hate it this much.

I’m currently listening to In Real Life by Joey Graceffa on audible! I am honestly shocked by how much I am enjoying this book. I realise a lot of youtubers are releasing books at the moment, and while I’m not too fussed about reading most of them I was interested in giving Joey’s a go – and I’m so glad I did. I’m not a religious watcher of his videos, so I didn’t know too much about his life, however listening to his struggles growing up has really hit me hard and I’m very glad I decided to give this a go and pick it up. Also, Joey actually narrates this audiobook himself. Bonus. 

What did you recently finish reading?

Most recently I finished reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. While I didn’t quite enjoy this as much as the Throne of Glass books (simply because I prefer the TOG cast of characters) this is without a doubt my favourite book of 2015 so far! ACOTAR is a Beauty and the Beast retelling with faeries and so many fantastical elements that I couldn’t help but fly through this one and give it a 5/5 rating! I am so hyped for May 2016 when the sequel is going to be released! Until then, I’ll just have to be patient…

What do you think you’ll read next?

Without a doubt I am planning on picking up Wonder by R. J. Palacio next! This book has been sitting on my shelf for probably a year now. And while I did pick it up and read the first 70 odd pages during 2014, I (for some unknown reason) but it down and never picked it up again. Ever since then I have been wanting to continue on, and for some reason it feels like the right time to do that so I definitely plan on picking this up next!


  1. Sorry to hear Dashnetbis falling flat for you. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first book but my husband keeps urging me to read the rest of the series because he says it only gets better! Maybe I’ll stop short of the prequel. I hope you enjoy ‘Wonder.’ I’ve heard wonderful things (ha!). Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

    • Honestly, before watching the movie last year I never thought I was going to continue the series! I enjoyed the first book enough that I wasn’t super motivated to continue on, however after watching the movie I needed to know what was going to happen! I read the two other books in the series with my cousin and honestly, I enjoyed them so much! They were a bit dull at times, but there were just certain moments that made it so worth it! Definitely give it another shot – not enough people do!

      • Thanks! I’ll probably read the next before the film comes out. I hate seeing a movie when I haven’t read the book first!

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