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Bout of Books Day 1 – 3 Update!

Like anticipated, I haven’t read extraordinary amounts these past 3 days, however I have probably read more than I thought I would have at this point! So I thought I would post a quick update of what I’ve managed to get through.

Day 1

On Monday I realised that I did not include Carrie Fletcher’s All I Know Now in my TBR for the week – however as I had already begun this one I decided to pick it up when I woke up in the morning as it’s a super quick and fun read. I managed to read from page 77 to 147.

I then begun two books I needed to read for University. Those were Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbake (I read 26 pages) and Never Let me Go by Zazuo Ishiguro (I read 49 pages).

Day 2

When the clock ticked over to Tuesday and I couldn’t get myself to fall asleep, I decided to download a super quick read onto my phone so I could lay under the covers and read myself to sleep. For this book, I chose The Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz.

I really had no intentions of reading this one, however recently I have been in a super #throwback mood and have been rewatching a bunch of Disney Channel Original Movies (I marathoned the heck out of High School Musical and the Cheetah Girls!) and remembered that there was a movie called Descendants coming out later this year. The Isle of the Lost is the prequel to that movie, so I definitely wanted to read it before watching the movie.

Over the course of Tuesday I read 150 pages of that one. However I had a 9-5 day of University on top of that, so overall I was pretty happy with what I managed to read (heck, I went to sleep at 8pm, I’m lucky I read anything really!!)

Day 3

Wednesday was pretty much what you would call a bust (every read-a-thon has an “euuuughhhhh” day though, doesn’t it? Since the book I’m currently trying to get through is required reading for University, it didn’t matter how interested I was (I am very interested!) I had absolutely zero motivation to pick it up. Instead, I did manage to finish reading The Isle of the Lost (pages 150-320) and forcing myself to read the past 80 odd pages of Our Country’s Good – which is a play if you didn’t know. That did not stop it from being an incredibly slow read though.

Right now It’s 4am on Thursday morning, and while I wish I could say that I have been reading non-stop and that’s why I’m awake this late – I can’t. I’m still on that Disney Channel Original Movie kick. And since it’s been years since I kept up to date on all the DCOM’s, I decided maybe I should watch a few from the past couple of years. So I watched Teen Beach Movie and Cloud 9. I feel simultaneously like I have wasted my entire night and I’ve accomplished something I’ve been putting off for ages.

Oh, the joys of aimless television.

Is anyone else participating in Bout of Books? I’d love to hear how you’re going and what you’re reading! Also, any tips on staying motivated?? I am definitely going to try and make Thursday a super successful reading day! However I do have assignments that need doing, so maybe not.


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