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March TV Wrap Up

{No spoilers!}

Much like my reading habits, my TV habits during March were horrible. I put aside shows I usually watch weekly, only to “binge watch” new series and end up stopping five episodes in because I was so overwhelmed with my first term of university. I did manage to start a few good shows though, so I thought I would give a little wrap up of what’s been on my TV this past month!

Also, I doubt I’ll go into much explanation of what the shows are about, just to save on space. I’ll do series/season reviews for ones I feel need proper reviews later on!


I’ll start with shows I watched weekly. I use that term loosely though, as a lot of these shows I watched in bulk after missing for weeks on end.

The Walking Dead – The Walking Dead season 5 finale aired just as March was ending and you can guarantee I was watching! How great is The Walking Dead at the moment? As angry as I was about the mid-season finale (don’t even get me started, it will not end pretty), when the group made it’s way to Alexandria I couldn’t help but find myself loving the show again. So much drama! Although, I do miss the first two seasons still.

The 100 – Another show that wrapped this month is The 100, and god, I can’t get enough. Although sometimes I’m tempted to throw something at the screen due to how cheesy it can get, I can’t help but love the characters. But a well-rounded, diverse cast, and a bunch of Australian actors (Bob Morley, my eight year old self loves you so much *heart eyes*) I can’t help but love The 100. I am honestly super excited for season 3!

Shameless (US) – Although I’m two episodes behind, I have been trying my hardest to keep up to date with the Gallagher’s! This season has been an absolute roller coaster. Everything seems to be happening!! Although there was some things I found very problematic (*cough* Debbie), and some story lines were kind of boring at the beginning of the season, it’s really picked up in the past couple of episodes and I’ve found myself enjoying the show more than I have in a while!

Pretty Little Liars – I wouldn’t know where to begin with this one. After one of the worst episodes of TV I’ve ever seen (the Christmas special), I stopped watching Pretty Little Liars for what I thought was for good. However, with the announcement of who A was being revealed in the season finale, I decided to catch up so I could be a part of the excitement. I watched ten episodes in 2 days. And yes, while the show did improve from when I stopped watching it, and the creepy value got way better, I couldn’t help but be completely underwhelmed by the finale. I loved the idea and concept, but the actual reveal was utter shit. It was not the most exciting, ‘biggest reveal yet’, because I’ve definitely seen the show do better in the past 5 years. Ugh.

A few other shows I have been watching weekly include:The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, My Kitchen Rules (Australian cooking show, for all those who aren’t aware).


These are the shows I began but shouldn’t have because I’m so damn busy.

Dance Moms – Whoever gave me the words of wisdom to start Dance Moms, I would like to simultaneously hug you and punch you. This show took over my life for the first week or so of March. I hadn’t begun university yet (let alone applied), and I literally spent days doing nothing else but watching this show. I only made it to season 3 before I needed to stop myself, but wow, wasn’t that a great beginning to the month.

Friends – For some reason (a wonderful reason) I felt like beginning Friends again. I only watched the first 15 or so episodes during March, since I was using it as my morning ‘get ready’ show (20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to get ready when all you do is roll out of bed and put some concealer on), and just like every other time I’ve watched Friends I absolutely loved it! This show will never get old!

Lost – I finally begun Lost in March!! I only watched the first 5 episodes but wow, I am definitely already hooked and when I have more time I want to binge watch it like crazy! I know absolutely nothing about anything that is going to happen, which is super great, so I’m definitely looking forward to continuing this!

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Created by Robert Carlock and Tina Fey, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a netflix original series that everyone should try! Netflix finally came to Australia this month, so I could finally stop illegally using the US Netflix and download the app onto my iPad! I powered through the first season of this one, and definitely recommend it to anyone that likes a good comedy!

Pokemon – Without warning, I found myself re-watching the first season of Pokemon. Why? I literally have no clue. But it has been years since I’ve seen the first season and I think I was feeling nostalgic. I have no regrets; beginning Pokemon again may have been the best choice of the month.

Your Lie in April – I’m not overly familiar with anime, and what is considered good or bad, but in my opinion Your Lie in April is a good one. It’s absolutely beautiful. So, so beautiful. Honestly, I cannot describe it any other way (clearly). The first three or so episodes were great, but come the later ones and I was absolutely hooked. I’ll definitely be writing a short review on this at some point.

I have put a lot of shows I usually watch weekly on hiatus this month, so I thought I’d just include those quickly down the bottom here:

Arrow, The Flash, Broadchurch, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Broad City, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Elementary, Castle and KUWTK. 

I watch too much television. Trust me, I know. Please send help. And tell me in the comments shows you recommend. Because even though I watch a lot, I love hearing what other people are enjoying/hating!


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