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Weekend Reads and TV #2

I’m coming at you live from Melbourne this morning! I flew into the city late last night in preperation to see Ed Sheeran tonight (28/03) and I’m super jazzed! Unfortunately however, it’s currently 6.30am and I’ve had just over two hours of sleep!

I’m staying at a hostel that’s right by a train line, and although usually I can sleep through anything, for some reason the noise tonight is getting to me and I’ve been wide awake since 4am.

In light of that however, I’ve been able to make my way through a bit of my book! So I thought I’d share my weekend reads and what I’m watching with over this weekend/my trip to Melbourne!

A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin – I brought this bad boy with me to Melbourne in hopes of at least beginning it before the Game of Thrones S5 premiere in April! Due to lack of being able to sleep, I’m already 200 pages in! Looking promising πŸ™‚

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn – I am still pushing through with this one, as I got barely any reading done last week due to an overwhelming amount of assignments. Want to try finish it as soon as possible!

Pokemon – I’ve started back at the beginning with this – it’s been far (!!!) too long! I definitely didn’t load up my iPad with enough episodes for the entire trip though so…

Adventure Time – I have seen the first season + random episodes on TV, so I’m finally getting around to season 2!

Other shows I want to catch up on include: Bob’s Burgers, Arrow, The Flash, Brooklyn Nine Nine and The Walking Dead.Β 

All of this is probably a bit optimistic, but hey, it’s only a few eps per show – and i have a few train journeys + flights ahead of me!


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