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Weekend Reads and TV

Hi guys! I thought I would share a few of the books and television shows I have plans to read/watch this weekend! I do have quite a busy weekend coming up, as I’m out all day on Saturday, but I will be taking a book with me! So here you go!

The Read Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard – This is a one-act play that I have to read for my English course at university by Tuesday. I honestly have no idea what this one is about, however it’s required reading so I need to read this one!

Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker – This is another play that I have to read for University for the following Tuesday, so I thought if I have a chance I would pick it up this weekend. Again, I have no clue what it’s about.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn – This is the book I’m currently reading and devouring. I’m absolutely obsessed with this one, and will definitely end up putting down my required reading at some point to finally finish this book! Definitely check it out if you feel like a psychological thriller!

Lost – I finally started watching Lost today (Friday)!! I’m only two episodes in but I cannot believe how hooked I feel already. I did not realise that there was going to be a monster-type character in the show (it’s been 5 years since the finale aired… it’s okay for semi spoilers on the internet now right?) but woah, I can’t believe it took me this long!!! I probably shouldn’t have started a new show the week I have assignments due for University…

I also have other shows I need to catch up on such as: The Walking Dead (I’m two weeks behind, oh god) and the two new episodes of Community! I have so many others as well, but with uni going into the fifth week I’ve managed to fall behind on literally everything I watch (which is a lot)…. So wish me luck with that one!

What’s everyone else plan on reading/watching this weekend! Leave a comment and let me know! Happy weekend 🙂


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