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Bout of Books 12.0 started with an absolute SMASH! So I am going to jump straight into it!

At midnight, I finally picked up the first issue of Thor Vol 4! And Let me tell you, I’m already in love with this girl. Who is she?! I am anxiously awaiting the next volume (something that doesn’t happen too often as of late)!!

And then, I finally, finally, finally started reading Matt Fraction’s run of Hawkeye. And wow I should have started this waaaaaay sooner. I’m in love. Kate Bishop deserves awards. So does Clint Barton. And so does Matt Fraction (he probably already has some awards, but I haven’t looked into that…)

And well, the high I started Bout of Books with slowly declined after that, due to my need to massively fangirl over this comic series to literally every. person. i. know.

After that, I managed to read a volume of The Amazing Spiderman which although was one of my favourite volumes I’ve read in a while, it did not seem as great after reading Hawkeye. So that was a bit of a bust. But it had lots of Gwen references and Gwen’s children (?!?!?!?!) so I was very happy!

And then I started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender…. Trust me when I say I completely forgot about picking up a book again after that. Oops! Let’s hope day 2 goes a little better, am I right??

So here’s my official Day 1 update!

Currently reading: Oops! I haven’t picked anything up yet… (I’m thinking of continuing The Coldest Girl in Cold Town by Holly Black though!)

Books completed: Thor Vol 4 Issues #1 and #2, Hawkeye Vol 4 Issues #1 to #5, The Amazing Spiderman Vol 1 Issues #509 – #514

Total pages read today: 307 (all according to my trusty pal goodreads)

Total pages overall: 307

Now, I understand that reading comics is far easier than reading a novel for this read-a-thon. But there is nothing saying that novels are superior to comics. If i read only 100 pages of a novel this week, I’ll be chuffed. Because damn if I’m not going to enjoy a few comics while I’m in the mood!!


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