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Slow and steady wins the race!

Perhaps read-a-thon’s aren’t a race, but I feel like I am the tortoise that’s about to overtake the hare (theoretically of course, because I’m no where near about to read as many books as some other people). However on day three of the bout-of-books read-a-thon I actually made a little bit of progress! I completed a book! And I felt mighty fine about it.

So here we go, my day three update!

Currently reading: Isla and the Happily Ever After (started on day 4, so progress isn’t included)

Books completed: Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Total pages read today: 195

Total pages overall: 308

I really hope I manage to finish a whole book during day 4, that would be nice!

Until next time, keep safe.



  1. Landline! So GOOD! Did you love it? And I am so jealous of you reading Isla! I am waiting on my library to get the audio, because I listened to the other two and have to listen to the third! So I have to wait! BUt I hope you enjoy it! #readstrong

    • amyveronica says

      Landline was incredible, I absolutely adored it! To be honest… I’m still waiting for my copy of Isla to arrive in the mail so I was naughty and downloaded a copy from the internet for free. But I did pay for a copy! Promise! It’s possibly my favourite out of the three, I’m completely in love!!!

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